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Software development projects face certain unique challenges compared to any other engineering projects. If the required processes and controls are not in place, these projects will very soon end up in Red on your management oversight dashboard. How to transform your projects from Red to Green.

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Organizations today are constantly looking at ways to renew their workforce, processes and structures to deal with the ever changing, dynamic nature of their environment. Some pertinent questions they face are :

  • How to improve organizational performance by modifying and better alignment of processes, structures, technologies and roles
  • How to make change programs yield the results for which they have been designed
  • How to leverage your existing change programs by managing culture
  • How to design a good performance feedback system that will help employees set goals effectively and that will help them bridge their performance gaps
  • How to get people to work together as high performing teams
  • How to design employee development programs to prepare them for the future challenges and growth of the organization

While trying to find solutions to these challenges, the HR and business leaders are also more likely to come across these problems :

  • Resistance to the internal change efforts and programs
  • Lack of commitment and trust from the workforce for any new initiatives
  • Shortage of resources (both manpower and financial) to roll out and to assure the benefits of development programs
  • Lack of crucial conversations that achieve results and boosts morale
  • Lack of systemic view to align, integrate and manage the different dimensions, such as customers, employees, technology and profit

Dreampipe Consulting is an Organization Development (OD) consulting and training firm.  Central to OD, is the belief that individuals have the unique capability to creatively identify solutions for improving their organizational performance. Based on systems thinking, behavioral science and other management sciences, OD is committed to bringing about organizational change. At Dreampipe Consulting, we work collaboratively with customers to address the challenges discussed above. We facilitate change in structures, processes, people practices and work design through a action research model where Diagnosis, Planning, Action and Evaluation form the fundamental cycle of OD intervention.