Business processes of an organization are defined to help organization members to execute the  tasks necessary for achieving the goals of the organization, and serve both their internal and external customers. These processes are defined by the business/functional units that are responsible for different products/services/functions. People processes involve those activities designed to take care of the people within an organization, by catering to their needs of growth, career development, job satisfaction, etc. This also includes implementing the labour policies and adhering to government regulations. These processes are normally defined by the HR department. In the Sociotechnical Systems design parlance, the former is called the technical system (tools, techniques & processes to do the work) and the latter is called the social system.

As we can see, the technical system and social system work in tandem and the productivity and job satisfaction of the members of the social system are directly dependent on the design of the technical system. For example, if the necessary tools are not available or processes are not well-defined to do the work, employees will be demotivated at work and their productivity levels will come down.Sometimes the ill-design of the technical system can create conflict within and across teams severely affecting the morale of the team. 

Dreampipe Consulting can help organizations in designing and optimizing both technical and social systems together to improve performance and employee satisfaction.