Team Development

Given below is a model that can be used to understand and improve team performance :

Tremendous amount of literature and research has been done to study teams and what makes them high-performing.

What makes the difference between a team that performs and one that doesn’t ?

A team that has high performance, has shared leadership roles, has individual and mutual accountability, specific measurable team goals, collective work-products that the team takes responsibility for delivering, has active discussion and problem-solving meetings.

There are three factors that contribute to team effectiveness : group process, group structure and group context. 

Group process refers to how things are done, rather than what is done. Problem solving, decision making, communicating, managing boundaries and conflicts are the important processes in groups. Groups execute their tasks using these processes. To be effective, groups have to become skilled in these processes. 

Apart from the Group Processes, the team culture, rewards, clearly defined goals, feedback, etc., are some of the aspects that determine group performance. Dreampipe Consulting will help your teams improve their performance by assessing the current group processes and structure and facilitating the necessary changes.