Our behavioural skills training programs are custom designed according to the needs of the organization. Some of the program details are given below.  

Preparing for the VUCA World/Agile Mindset​

The world today is changing at a fast rate like never before. It is not just technology, but our lifestyles, workplaces, family system, etc are undergoing tectonic shifts. Customer, employees and partners expect you to be tuned into their expectations more often than not.  Prepare your leaders for adapting to a world which is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA).

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Project Leadership Skills

The current context in which organizations exist today not only requires leaders to be more skilled and talented, it also requires them to be strategic, agile, emotionally intelligent and be a coach to their people. It is no longer sufficient for managers to plan, monitor and control. The imperative today is to have a constant focus on learning in new ways that would enable the leaders to stay relevant and respond quickly to different situations.

Achieving project success is more than managing deliverables. A core aspect of project management is managing different stakeholder expectations. People development has to be called out as a very important area not only for project success but also for organizational effectiveness. Project leadership would involve acquiring new perspectives and skills to understand different stakeholders, managing uncertainties and developing ‘soft’ skills such as listening, communicating and negotiating. The learning focus will be on the current project/organizational context and the challenges.

A focus on personal growth (intellectual as well as emotional) and interpersonal skills development is no longer a ‘wish list’ but an imperative for organizations as they try to help people in achieving personal growth and success. Gaining new insights on one’s own inner world of beliefs, values and needs, acquiring new behaviour skills and forming effective peer networks will be the focus of this module.

The purpose of this workshop is to help experienced and upcoming project leaders to become effective in achieving personal and organizational success.

Presales and Proposal Writing

This program will cover the following objectives :

1.       To get a good understanding of the overall pre-sales process
2.       Get to know about the various roles that are involved in the pre-sales process, and what are the role responsibilities, including that of the pre-sales person
3.       Get a good understanding of the nature of engagement between the various roles and with the customer, and the many pitfalls and dilemmas a pre-sales person has to handle
4.       Get a thorough understanding of writing responses to RFPs and RFIs, which is normally called as the proposal writing
5.       Get a hands-on experience of proposal writing and the various engagement processes within the organization and with the customer

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