Training for the VUCA world

In the industrial history, the one thing which characterised success for organizations is the ability to change. It is more so, in today’s knowledge and digital economy. The pace of change is faster and the scope of impact wider. This needs organization members to be agile, open to learning, innovative, customer-centric and emotionally intelligent, in addition to possessing skills and knowledge that are required for their roles. This also needs going beyond mere acquisition of knowledge, to learning new ways of gathering insights and converting these insights to result-oriented action. The complexity and uncertainty of the environment also implies that collaboration among teams and leadership are critical factor for organization performance. 

Acquiring new set of skills and behaviour also needs examining one’s worldview – the framework of values, needs, beliefs and assumptions. As organizations of all sizes embark on a digital transformation journey, the so-called ‘mindset’ change should be of highest importance to organizations along with skill building.

Any training program that aims at improving efficiency, ownership, teamwork, customer orientation, leadership or organizational effectiveness must fundamentally have a development-oriented design, that will help drive change within oneself and in the Organization. Dreampipe Consulting can help your teams acquire the capabilities needed to thrive in a VUCA World.